Let’s spread a little bit of happiness today!

Fast forwarding the long chat about the fuel crisis and jumping straight to the result of this crisis that has hit us bad. There was a point when there were just a handful of public vehicles on the street while some private vehicles with fuel were on and about. Walking for hours to get to our destination – life had moved to the lowest gear possible.

The bright side of this crisis is witnessing a soft corner that resides in every one of our hearts. The crisis fuelled a culture of helping each other, and sharing what we have. We served people we didn’t know. Walking up to a stranger at a bus station and asking which direction they are headed to; that’s what we did. We spent hours after hours going through Carpool Kathmandu’s page on Facebook to see if there was anyone we could help. And there are many of us who aren’t as active on Facebook but managed to help the ones in need. Last week, we were selfless in helping others find a ride back home.We have been so loving and kind to strangers. Where does this kindness come from? A problem? No. It comes from our heart. That is what being a Nepali is about. So much kindness to share.

We have come together selflessly to define who we are as a community. This community is nurtured by over 97,000 members who got together in a very short time to help, share and spread a little happiness. You, dear member reading this blog, along with several thousand others like you are the ones who made things work.Amongst all of you 97,000 members, there lies an unsung hero which we want to make sure we recognize your contribution to the society. Next posts will be about some of our Heroes.

A big group hug! Thankyou for being part of this culture.

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