Carpool Hero, Anjela Deuja

Starting off with the Carpool Heroes edition, we spoke to AnjelaDeuja. If you have been following the forum, you can’t miss this woman.

23 year old law student, AnjelaDeuja is someone who has been helping herself to thepetrol from her father’s bike to commute to work everyday.Her father may or may not be aware of this act though (let’s try to keep this a secret, okay?) And while commuting; she has been offering lift to people along the way. Her work last week touched the hearts of thousands of people. We managed to speak with this Carpool hero and dig a bit further.

Anjelacomes across a lot of people waving their hands and asking for a ride on a regular basis- since the fuel crisis began. Commuting from Babarmahal to Koteshwor for work, she is the kind who would ask peoplewaiting at the bus stop where they are headed to even if they are shy of asking for a ride. Last week, she was on her way back home from work and dropped a friend at Koteshowr bus stop where they spotted a differently-abled couple with a young boy. The couple were visually impaired so Anjela decided to be their guiding eyes and helped them get to their home, Kandaghari.

They spent hours waiting on the bus stop waving at every passing vehicle as dusk appeared. They got a placard up that read, “Lift needed”. A private vehicle pickedoffered them a ride. The passenger on the front seat gave up his seat for the couple and their kid, so that those folks could get home safety.

Placard used to ask for a lift
Anjela (left) and her friend Bindu.

Anjela’s story on Facebook later that day drew comments from the car owner who gave the ride, the biker who only had one seat available. We wanted to know how she felt. She says, “I don’t know. I don’t know why I help”

Perhaps, it is because helping is addictive. We all have that corner that itches to help. That’s perhaps the reason, there are over 50 people who are willing to help fund the kid’s education.

This is what Carpool Kathmandu is all about. Helping hearts and loving people.




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  • Bijay Lamichhane

    Great work Anjela you are the inspire way for country like this.. Love your concept and those thought to help US… Thumbs UP! :)

    • N G La Deuja

      thank you so much!! :)

  • #Jolly ठिटो™ Bibek

    You are the inspiration to all Nepalese, keep up with your good work :)

    • N G La Deuja

      thank you